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[this is good] You're KILLING me again! lol  I think the part of your fantasy that reeled me in was "going to bed in their FREAKISHY clean room"!  Ahhhh....  Do we dare to dream? lol

Jane of Art

[this is good] I have a similar non-Fabio fantasy that involves having a huge yard and me sipping tea on the deck while watching the kids play peacefully together. But in mine my hubby is making dinner. ;)

I totally have the crap problem probably worse in some areas of my house because we actually do have those tricky pathways, but im at a loss too! LOL

Usually the final push comes because some family member is coming to visit and i dont want their criticism. Other than that I have no motivation. So if you figure this out let me know :)


Oh, I want your fantasy too.

Seriously, I have WAY to much crap and it stresses me out!


[this is good] I definitely have the crap problem...and I always intend to attack it but am only motivated when my mom is coming to visit haha. I do a little when Travis visits but he is worse than me so I feel ok leaving some of it. Though up until a few weeks ago no one was allowed in my kitchen...EVER! I still have a corner to do...I was so close and the cats knocked over my only potted plant (baby wildflowers I have been growing all summer from seeds)  and spilled the plants and dirt all over that area...and I was very upset and cried and could not clean it up at that time. :(

I also get very attached to things and end up with a LOT of stuff...and I don't have proper storage furniture so I go to put things away but they have no place to go!

It is all a dilemma indeed.

P.S. My fantasy is in-unit washer and drier...and cats that never pee or poop lol.


My fantasy is close, but it involves self-folding and self-putting-away clothing and other washables. Or maybe my fantasy involves a robot that does it for me unobtrusively.

On the stove is beef stew, rice in the rice cooker and Alton Brown's The Chewy chocolate chip cookies in the oven. Clean children, clean and funkily decorated bedrooms, actual bookshelves (we still don't have them ergo boxes everywhere) and non-leather furniture in the bonus room. Not that there's furniture there now but the boys want leather for the smell which I find loathesome.

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