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Mama Hughes

How lucky for you to have a "driver".  


[this is good] OMG!  Your kids have a DRIVER??????  Can I borrow some money? tehe


That's why it sounds so stupid! She just picks them up from school and brings them back home. Nothing fancy at all. I guess you could call her a babysitter on wheels. But she doesn't really babysit, just drives them home. I have no choice because otherwise they'd be stranded at school and daycare until I got to pick them up at 7pm.

The only reason I had to get a "driver" at all is because my MIL's daycare gets out at 2 pm and they CANNOT stay longer and she can't take public transportation home because she'd just never make it and get lost.


We're lucky to have her. It works out perfectly because she has a huge car and even though she transports three kids of her own, can still pick up my three passengers and safely bring them to my home. I never thought I'd be thankful that someone owned a Suburban, but now I am!


[this is good] That's really pretty cool!  I know how crazy it can get when you're trying to provide transpertation for everyone in your family.  When I worked, I was in your shoes.  I have the equivalent to a Surban.  It's an extended version of a Yukon with 3 row seating.  Maybe there's a market for someone with transportation like I have! lol  I'm so bored sitting at home, and I think you just gave me an idea!


[this is good]

Great that your first day at work worked out fine! And you are very lucky indeed to have found someone with a big car to take your kids along. All the best!

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