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[this is good] My friend and I got together and shipped a bunch of stuff to Iraq last month, I think this is a fabulous project! Thanks for getting the word out!


Thanks for posting this.  Just today I found an old box of my son's toys, mainly stuffed animals that he has barely touched.  Why do people feel such a compulsion to give him stuffed animals?  He can only really handle so many. 

Now, anyway, there will be something good to do with them. 


Heyho. I dont have an etsy site, but I'm selling my stuff to interested international buyers..So do check my flickr for prices.. and if youre interested, do drop me an email :D



[this is good] this is an awesome idea...thanks for shairng it


[this is good] This is wonderful.  Thank you so much for posting my story on your website.  This is such a blessing - I am always looking for new blogs about the children and toys.  This is what keeps it going here for us.  I once again have a conex filled with toys but that is okay.  I just have to go through them, sort them and pack them and get the 82nd and/or 1/34th out to fill up their 5 ton truck again.  I still have not spoken with the Romanian Forces but I really need to do that soon.  Time just flys by here, days roll into one and before you know it - the entire month is gone.  I will be on leave in May to June I will return the beginning of June but keep sending items.  I have a lady that will put them in the conex for me and if I am lucky I may be able to get a few ladies to sor and pack them while I am gone.  I will work on that tomorrow.  I truly just wanted to thank you and let you know that I have read your blog - God Bless you for this.  Best to all /Edmay USACE GRS APO AE 09331


Hi all.  I am back in Iraq and would love to have boxes of toys, school supplies, clothes or any 'gently' used items the children of Kirkuk could use.  My new address is:

Edmay Mayers


FOB - Warrior - Kirkuk

APO  AE 09359

I will be here at least a year with hopes of it turning into two  years.  We would love to distribute items to the local children of Kirkuk.  Everything sent is very much appreciated by us, the children and their parents.  Thanks and God bless each of you.




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